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With more than 22 years in the national market, Ferrioni is a positioned mark in the taste of the Mexicans and the eyewear line is not the exception, respecting the basic principles of the allowed familiar mark of house: own fashion with a designed semi-informal classic touch for each member of the family, a mark who maintains us presentable without sacrificing the comfort of its frames.

Special fashion for people with familiar life, casual style and carries elegant, who look for comfortable lenses, easy to combine, of neutral colors, like the personality of each member of the family; comfortable, subtle, of amiable forms and original designs where the last tendencies adapt that the fashion marks.

Ferrioni also handles, Piccolino, which is the fusion of casual style and new trends in the global eyewear with bold designs, full of color and personality. Focused market of children and adolescents, with the same casual approach to brand Ferrioni family style with fashion and certainly more relaxed feel. 




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